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Making project management a 'profession' I've been around AIPM for over 20 years, and in much of this time I have regularly heard comments that project management needs to 'professionalise' or be recognised as a 'profession'. What is interesting though is when you probe those who make such comments and attempt to dig deeper to understand why the comment is being made, often the underlying driver appears to be that of status or recognition. Anecdotally, this appears to be more acutely felt by those working in engineering or construction where many of the project managers peers and contemporaries work in occupations that are regulated or licenced in some ...
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Quality Assurance’s looming change Quality Assurance was once the domain of artisan tradesman and professionals who practiced their craft for decades, passed down their experience to apprentices, and built a reputation for quality based on the skill of the individual. These artisans formed Guilds to promote and protect their skills and for centuries this remained constant. Then came the Industrial Revolution and the world changed. The advent of industrial processing and manufacturing, disrupted the centuries old understanding of quality by breaking down many guilds and artisan trades and turning bespoke products into commodities. The mechanical loom ...
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All Project Managers want to deliver value to projects, but many get bogged down in which template to use, what framework to use and how to avoid Intellectual Property (IP) restrictions. For years I have seen “template tantrums”, massive debates within organisations about if it is a stage or a phase, which is better, a product breakdown structure or a work breakdown structure?, and restrictions on the ability to create a truly tailorable approach. I am now pleased there is an alternative that allows these and other conflict points to be addressed, allowing project managers to focus on delivering true value to their organisation or client. Is your organisation ...
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