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    We are hosting another 'Ask the expert' session on the topic of Construction Contract Management: Getting better results – for PMs and Engineers. @Robin Millner , Director, Ram Education Pty Ltd will be online on Friday 13 November ...

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    Welcome to the AIPM Community Open Forum. where AIPM members can come together to connect, collaborate and share ideas no matter where you are located in Australia. My name is Eliza and am part of the marketing team who run this community. When ...

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    Hi Usman, Totally agree with your comments. I have used all my skills and knowledge that I gained from previous experiences to assimilate with Clients, Stakeholders and staff on all levels to manage projects to some success. Thank you ------------------------------ ...

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    amazing, i believe the all the life experiences positively count towards your progression in the field of project management. i wish you good luck. stay connected. ------------------------------ Usman Shahid, MAIPM Team Leader Australia MSc in Project ...


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