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  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hello everyone, some great insights raised. It would be great to keep the conversation going, would anyone have something to add? Cheers, James ------------------------------ James Pettaras MAIPM Digital Marketing Coordinator Australian Institute of ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hi Dominic, welcome to the AIPM open forum! I appreciate you taking the time to introduce yourself to us. This is certainly a fantastic place to meet people and build your network, and we have some additional engagement opportunities planned for this ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hi Georgina, welcome to the AIPM open forum! Thank you for your introduction, and I hope to connect soon. If there is anything I can do to help, please feel free to reach out to me directly. We have some exciting things planned for this forum so you ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hello Mandy, Welcome to the AIPM open forum, we are glad to have you join us here. I'm sure you will have some insightful perspectives to share with us, and I encourage you to take a look around our open forum for some potential conversation starters. ...


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