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    RegPM Discussion Forum

    Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    If you're new to RegPM Certification: Welcome! This thread is the best place to start if you have questions about the RegPM assessment process, are looking for advice from your peers about your assessment, or are looking to connect with a peer going ...

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    Hi Michael. Are you up for a mutual introduction one day, maybe via Zoom? Let me know what works best for you. Regards,

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Greetings Project Management Professionals, I'll be brief. I'm new to AIPM and have I've been managing projects in the water sector for 10 years. I'm thirsty to learn as much as possible and impact the industry as positively as I can. I would encourage ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hi! Greeting! I am glad to be MAIPM. My name is Andrew Yeung and I have been working in the construction industry over 25 years for Quantity Surveying regarding various works and contracts of the Public and Private Sectors for the trades in Buildings ...

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