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  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    We are hosting another 'Ask the expert' session on this forum on the topic of Risk. David Baccarini, MSc CertEd will be online on Thursday 11 June to answer your questions. David retired in 2016 as Associate Professor in Project Management, ...

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  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Join us on Wednesday 3rd June for an 'Ask the experts' session on the 2020 Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs). The following experts will be online to answer your questions: @David Tranthem and @Brad Wickham | RPS, ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Test ------------------------------ Eliza Maddock MAIPM Campaign Manager Australian Institute of Project Management ------------------------------

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    So many projects now operate in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments. The notion that risk can be predicted and assessed though a methodological approach is becoming harder to sustain. Risk-based decision making, organisational resilience ...

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