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  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    We are hosting another 'Ask the expert' session on the topic of Project Management Careers. Tina Lienert, Career Management Consultant from Right Management will be online on Tuesday 21 July to answer your questions from 9-12pm AEST. To ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    This 'Ask the experts' thread is open for the 2020 Project Management Achievement Awards (PMAAs). If you have a question about the PMAAs, the following experts are available to answer them: @David Tranthem and @Brad Wickham | RPS, ...

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  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    I am very sorry hear all those struggle to get a PM job. It is ironic that most of the suggestion has not mentioned any Project Management skills in form of the knowledge areas, rather it's all about the technical skills in that particular industry. As ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Some really good comments and posts in this thread, the majority of which I agree with. However, being one of the "idiots who have no idea" that develop initial business case and/or cost-benefit analysis for government, there are four things that stand ...

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