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    We will be joined by @Cameron Mills , Director, Project Controls at North East Link Project on Wednesday 2 June to answer your Project Controls questions. You might wonder: What barriers exist to prevent a successful digital transformation ...

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    If you're new to RegPM Certification: Welcome! This thread is the best place to start if you have questions about the RegPM assessment process, are looking for advice from your peers about your assessment, or are looking to connect with a peer going ...

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    Welcome to the AIPM Community Open Forum. where AIPM members can come together to connect, collaborate and share ideas no matter where you are located in Australia. My name is Eliza and am part of the marketing team who run this community. When ...

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    Hi Robin, I work for a Wayfinding signage consultant, that provides design and procurement services. We specialise in the design of Wayfinding solutions for projects, as well as work with our clients and builders on the supply and procurement end. ...

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