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  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Great to see so many passionate views being expressed by our members. AIPM represents a very broad church of members, many of whom have strong and frequently divergent opinions on the direction AIPM should be heading. Over the past few months, membership ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    ​All the above plus a good communicator; not just pushing your own ideas but to explore other's ideas and experiences and being adaptive, use them collectively to lead the team; not thinking you are the most experienced one and know it all, and the best ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hi Noel, We have to wait for the next review of the Stat Dec process - the last was about 6 or 7 years ago and there is no plan for the Attorney General to do a review any time soon. In the last review a number of occupations were removed, and others ...

  • Posted in: AIPM Open Forum

    Hi Granville Long time no see... My experience across many universities is that they want INTERNATIONAL course accreditation as they are pursuing a market of international students - as this point in time the PMI Global Accreditation is the one that ...