Documents fall into three categories: governance, scope and delivery.

Governance documents set out policies, standards and guidelines for the management of the work. Some of these may be specialist documents provided by the host organisation, a client or a regulatory body. This framework only deals with the management plans that reflect how elements of P3 management will be managed.

Scope documents describe the objectives in terms of outputs, outcomes and benefits.

Delivery documents are the largest and most diverse group. They describe what needs to be done, when it will be done and by whom. They also support the management processes and procedures.

Documents are also aligned with the topics from the knowledge section and relevant processes.



Management Plans Scope Documents Delivery Documents
Assurance Management Plan Brief Definition Plan
Benefits Management Plan Mandate Delivery Plan
Change Management Plan Vision Statement Communication Plan
Control Management Plan Specification Stakeholder Register
Finance Management Plan Product Documents Risk Register
Information Management Plan Blueprint Issue Register
Organisation Management Plan Benefits Map Change Log
Resource Management Plan Benefit Profile Lessons Log
Risk Management Plan Business Case Daily Log
Schedule Management Plan Progress Report
Scope Management Plan Event Report
Stakeholder Management Plan Follow-on Actions Report